Our solution…

One thing we do know: fossil fuels are finite. If we want to protect the planet, it’s time we made a change.

In the here and now, energy costs are rising. Many households are facing a fuel poverty crisis.

So, what can be done? Using the power of the sun, energiworld’s solution uses solar PV and battery storage.

The result. A natural, efficient and cost saving alternative to electricity from the grid. Reduce monthly costs and your carbon footprint.

It’s a win, win all round!

Solar power

Our solar power solution includes panels, battery storage and an infra-red heating system. Working together, this is the most energy-efficient way to generate electricity.

Time to make the switch? 

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Electric cars

With industry experts predicting that 90% of new cars in Britain will be electric by 2050, ditching fuel is inevitable.

If you’re serious about making a real change, then electric cars are where it’s at. In the homes of the future, electric car charging points will come as standard. Naturally, we’re one step ahead of the game.

Our EV Charging is powered by the solar solution. You just plug in and go. Simple.

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