Change the world.
One bill at a time.

Rising energy costs are causing all of us to rethink how we heat and power our homes. energiworld can help you save up to 80% a year on your electricity costs. Go green for good. 

What if you could take matters 
in to your own hands?

energiWorld’s solution harnesses the power of the sun to create renewable energy throughout your home. Solar panels, battery storage, and electric car charging points will turn your house in to a home of the future.

Save money, make money.
The power is in your hands.

With our solution, whatever electricity you generate, you keep. And if you make more than you need, then simply sell it back to the grid.

Want green energy for your home?

Call us on GB: 0844 884 5201  NI: 02891 455 666 or contact us.