The grass
is greener.

Renewable energy is the future of farming. Harvest yours today. 

A cheaper, cleaner, greener future

energiworld can save you money on electricity bills – up to 60% – helping your farm to work more efficiently.

Agriculture solar has revolutionised the way energy is delivered by giving cleaner, more affordable alternative to monthly bills. Savings increase over time as fuel rates continue to rise.

Spread the cost

Making a change can be difficult, especially where investment is concerned. Which is why energiworld make it really simple for you to jump on the green energy bandwagon.

With our Power Purchase Agreement, we’ll match the best deal for you. There are no initial upfront costs and your energy prices will be fixed for the lifetime of the contract.

And if you generate more electricity than you need, it’s yours to sell on.

Future proof your farm. Today.

Speak to one of our advisors about the right green energy solution for you.


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