Why face a power struggle?

Protect your business with fixed rates and energy you control. Rising fuel costs are inevitable. So why face a power struggle when you can take matters into your own hands.

Take control of your energy.

energiworld’s green energy solution helps you to take control of your monthly costs. You’ll even benefit from up to 60%+ savings on your energy bills*.


Balance business costs.

We make it easy for you to go green. Thanks to our Power Purchase Agreements, there’s no pressure to invest upfront. We’ll simply find you the best deal and you’ll enjoy affordable fixed rates for the lifetime of your contract.

Make more electricity than you can use?

No problem! Simply sell it back to the grid, and you’ll be quids in.

Case study

A Cheaper, Cleaner, Greener Future for Hyundai


energiworld were approached by Hyundai dealership, Mellons, Northern Ireland, to help them make the switch to renewable energy. This decision was fuelled by customer demand for electric vehicles and a desire to reduce costs to protect the company’s long term financial security.


The dealership is one of the first in the area to make the move to renewable energy. As the green energy solution required upfront investment, Mellons Hynundai needed to monitor performance from the outset. Another key consideration was that the installation took place with minimal disruption to customers and the usual daily running of the business.


Following a site visit and consultation, energiworld created a bespoke energy solution including solar PV panels and electric car charging points for both the showroom and service centre. Energy generated via the solar panels will be used to supply the car charging points and cover the majority (up to 60%) of energy required at the site.

The installation process took three days without disruption to the running of the dealership. Mellons Hyundai were given access to a bespoke live app so they can easily monitor energy generated, providing them instant data and results.


In just eight weeks since installation Mellons Hyundai has seen the solution working via the live app. They are delighted with the cost efficiency of producing their own energy and the resulting reduced energy bills. The live app has helped Mellons Hyundai to monitor the results and anticipates a return on their investment within 4.5 years. Overall, they expect at least a 60% reduction in their electricity bills. Mellons Hyundai is keen to recommend energiworld to other dealerships looking to reduce energy bills and provide customers with greener motoring solutions.

Does my business qualify?

As long as you own the building, yes. No business is too big or too small to qualify for a green energy solution from energiworld.

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