Change the world,
one bill at a time

Renewable energy for homes, farms and businesses. Save money. Protect the planet.

A cheaper, cleaner, greener future for you

Your home with Energiworld


Get by on your own supply.

Save up to 80% on your home energy bills.


Harvest your energy.

Fix prices for a lifetime, be more energy efficient, and even profit from your own supply. The future of farming is here.


Future proof finances.

Protect finances against rising energy costs. Control energy usage and save on monthly bills with energiworld’s green energy solution for businesses.

Find out how we helped Mellons Hyundai

Power Purchase Agreements

With our PPAs we make installation simple and cost-effective. We don’t ask for upfront investment (unless you want to). You can even sell whatever electricity you generate back to the grid*. Save money and make money – the power is in your hands.

*excluding Northern Ireland.

Green Energy

Power your home, farm or business with clean, green, renewable energy. energiworld’s solution harnesses the natural energy of the sun. Solar PVs, battery storage, EV charging and infra-red heating systems take your electricity supply off-grid. Giving you control over monthly bills and protecting your finances against rising energy costs.

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